1. Security Lighting
    Outdoor lights help make for an easy crime deterrent at night. Motion-sensing lights are by far the best option, Criminals don’t usually like to break down a door or bust out a window if they can be seen. Leaving on an outdoor light is one way to draw attention to them. When they think you’re home, they likely won’t break in.
  2. Window And Screen Protector
    Screen and window protectors are another added security feature. Not only do the provide privacy from prying eyes from the outside but also another layer of security by making it even harder for a potential burglar to break the glass. Contact us for more information.
  3. Smart Door Bells
    Smart video door chimes in when someone is ringing your doorbell. Compatible with most smart device., Chime plugs into any power outlet and connects to your Wi-Fi network for easily installation. Its volume is customizable through the Ring app. Answer the door from anywhere on the world and get real time notification when someone is at the door step.
  4. Safes
    We install many styles of in wall and hidden safes. Contact us for more information and pricing.
  5. Safety Locks & Door Guards
    Key Entry Locks Security Code Locks Door Guards Security Bars Door Latch Locking Plates Door Jam Security Plates
  6. Vacation Services
    Whether you are taking that short deserved getaway or spending 3 months in the warm south, Knightwatch Alarms can give you added piece of mind with our vacation services. We will do scheduled patrols and check of your home, remove flyers, shovel built up snow areas to appear the house is being lived and other security checks.